Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Small RAG exhibition @ Redfern Centrelink Tuesday 6th December 10am

Good morning RAGsters, We have been invited to display a few works at the Redfern Centrelink office. YAY!
Can only be small works on paper or board.
If you would like to participate contact me ASAP as is a very short notice gig. If you can't manage no sweat as there will be many more opportunities.

The Opening is Tueday 6th December, 10am at Redfern Centrelink office.
Loads of non-profit orgs invited. All welcome.

I have some work from the students at The Orchard and invite members and Orchard teachers to contribute a work too.
If you can't reach me, leave a message here or on my Facebook wall. Cheers ma dears.
More good RAG news...will keep you posted.

Ooh...and I should post the pics from our fab RAGTIME opening. It was a big success.

Friday, September 30, 2011

RAGTIME opening soon!!

Redfern Artists Group are proud to announce the opening of our first group show.

RAGTIME is opening this Wednesday 5th October
6-8pm at Global Gallery
5 Comber Street Paddington, Sydney
you are also invited to closing drinks with the artists
on Saturday 15th of October


(image is Gilbert Grace's "Many Hans Make Light Work")

Artists - drop off artwork Monday after 5pm, Tuesday after 11am.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Art Exhibition

New works by
15 artists from
Redfern Artists Group

Opening 5th October 2011
Wednesday 6-8pm
Global Gallery
5 Comber Street
Paddington Sydney



Monday, June 20, 2011

Payment deadline delayed....

Yes yes....NO stress guys....the payment deadline has been delayed..
I really need to talk to everyone that I haven't spoken to already (pray soon sweet artistes) and then make a new one that will suit y'all...and not leave any financial lurches looming...still waiting to hear from those MIA to confirm your full commitment...need to know NOW if you are gunna pull out...there has already been one...Sky Baldwin...so am going to next artist on waiting list...will let you know when confirmed...

I've been making videos as part of my work and am loving it...could do with some advice/ideas on best way to present.

Hope you are all enjoying doing your own special creative thangs...can't wait to see the proposals and even more excited about seeing the completed versions...or get a nice big surprise because you change your mind.....will try to keep the publicity a bit vague about the exact nature of each artists work for the show...maybe ....what do you think?....I'm not really a strict machine....more a delicate pastry....I may be doing this all wrong so please feel free to whip my cream.....still only two blog followers....don't be afraid to make comments and post pics etc??

Should I post one of my vids??

Should I stop asking questions????......


The RAGTIME show artists:

Gilbert Grace
Lydndal Campbell
Julie Doye
Cigdem Aydemir
Justine Muller
Peta Morris
Michelle McCosker
Jo Tracy
Jo Kot
Michaela Davies
Brendan Penzer
Jess Cook
Estelle Asmodelle
Julie Odgers
(to be confirmed)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Deadlines for propsals and payment for RAGTIME show in October

Hello RAGsters,
Only 4 members made it to the last meeting last Sunday but we nutted out some details and made some decisions about deadlines and requirements. Pleas put these dates in your diaries and call me if you have any questions.
It would be great if we could get all the members that are exhibiting in the October RAGTIME show to get together before the exhibition and we thought we could do this mid August.
Sunday 21st August at 3pm....let me know ASAP if you can't make this.

I don't have all the mobile numbers for everyone so if you could send me an email with all your contact details that would be helpful.

Make sure you follow the blog and contribute and we encourage each artist to promote the show and your work on the blog and other sites. Post some images of you work and some artist info.
A website is in the works - will keep you posted.

I need to do a press release pronto...so I need to get a brief bio and a jpg work sample from each of you...can be previous work.

**RAGTIME exhibition deadlines:
Friday 24th June
(next Friday)
Sample and brief bio

Friday 1st July: Proposals outlining your work for the show (including gallery requirements like size and weight) and payment of your share of gallery fee ($330)
The gallery has both plaster and brick walls - D rings , FX hanging system and pins acceptable
please let us know of any special requirements or power access issues etc.
You will get an artists agreement and a receipt.
(we need this to plan show effectively and confirm your commitment)
If you can't make deadlines and want to pull out it is urgent you let me know immediately as there is a waiting list of artists who want to participate.

Friday 5th August: Payment for your share of promotional and opening costs (to be advised soon)

Friday 16th September: aim to have work completed

RAGTIME Turn of the Centuries 1920 -2020
3rd - 16th of October
Opening Wednesday 5th of October
Drinks with the artists Friday 14th October

I will post an update soon with the dates/exact times for gallery drop off and pick up of your work.

Now go forth and create your lil' hearts out and promote RAGTIME bigtime.

Call me if you have any ideas, concerns, offers, etc - whatever.
You should all have my mobile number by now but if not message me quick.

I think that's everything...comment on blog and message me if I've missed something.
Also it would be a great help if you could follow the blog and respond promptly to posts so I don't have to chase everyone up. Cheers ma dears.

Ok groovers

Double YAY for us

Ciao for now

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hi guys...hope this finds you all well this fair Friday eve.

I'm also hoping that as many of you as possible can come to the RAG meeting this
Sunday 12th June
at the Woolpack Hotel -
229 Chalmers Street Redfern


Call/email me if you can't make it otherwise see you there this Sunday.
Cheerio ol' pips

Friday, June 3, 2011

next meeting for RAG group postponed

Hi all,

I'm hoping it will be ok with all you lovely people if we postpone the meeting scheduled for this Sunday 5th May 3pm. (tom) until the following weekend.
I have been very unwell and although on the mend it would be more likely I'll be up to it by next week.
Let me know what time and if you would prefer fri 10th, sat 11th or sun 12th and we'll go with the time that most can do.
Apologies if the change has scuppered plans.
Please let me know when you get this message so that I know everyone has read it and so you can let me know your preferred time for the next meeting.

Sorry Ragsters...will be firing all boosters in no time...FABRAG!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Meeting for RAGTIME show

Hi RAGsters...we had a very productive first meeting of RAG and made some plans and decisions about our first show

..."RAGTIME...turn of the centuries...1920-2020"
in October 2011.

Dates for the show are:
3rd - 16th October 2011
Opening 5th October
Drinks with artists 14th October

Thanks to Gilbert and Cigdem for their help and support.
After scoping the space we think that 15 artists is enough for this show.
That will mean 6mtrs each of space ( about 3 or 4 works each or one large) and $330 each for the space. The opening cost is $650 but we can get that down with donations/sponsors etc

If you are still keen and miss out, put your name on our list for replacements in case of drop-outs, and you may still be able to be involved in other ways. We plan to have many more exhibitions as a group so if you missed out this time (was first in first serve) you'll be prioritised next time.

We will be needing to delegate various roles such as marketing, co- curating, fund-raising, design team for invites etc
Our next meeting is planned for
Sunday 5th June
at The Woolpack Hotel
in Redfern

I will email everyone over next few days to make sure you can access the info/groups/blog blahdeblah
You can contact me anytime :
You should have my details by now!

The artists exhibiting in RAGTIME show are:

Gilbert Grace
Lydndal Campbell
Julie Doye
Cigdem Aydemir
Justine Muller
Peta Morris
Michelle McCosker
Jo Tracy
Jo Kot
Michaela Davies
Brendan Penzer
Jess Cook
Estelle Asmodelle
Julie Odgers
(to be confirmed)

If you are on this list the deadline for your proposals is beginning of July.
If you wanna drop out let us know ASAP so we can invite someone else.

Woohoo! here we go...looking forward to gettin' busy widdit and to our next meeting.
Will be posting some pics of the gallery and more info but probably not tonight...am pooped!