Monday, June 20, 2011

Payment deadline delayed....

Yes yes....NO stress guys....the payment deadline has been delayed..
I really need to talk to everyone that I haven't spoken to already (pray soon sweet artistes) and then make a new one that will suit y'all...and not leave any financial lurches looming...still waiting to hear from those MIA to confirm your full commitment...need to know NOW if you are gunna pull out...there has already been one...Sky am going to next artist on waiting list...will let you know when confirmed...

I've been making videos as part of my work and am loving it...could do with some advice/ideas on best way to present.

Hope you are all enjoying doing your own special creative thangs...can't wait to see the proposals and even more excited about seeing the completed versions...or get a nice big surprise because you change your mind.....will try to keep the publicity a bit vague about the exact nature of each artists work for the show...maybe ....what do you think?....I'm not really a strict machine....more a delicate pastry....I may be doing this all wrong so please feel free to whip my cream.....still only two blog followers....don't be afraid to make comments and post pics etc??

Should I post one of my vids??

Should I stop asking questions????......


The RAGTIME show artists:

Gilbert Grace
Lydndal Campbell
Julie Doye
Cigdem Aydemir
Justine Muller
Peta Morris
Michelle McCosker
Jo Tracy
Jo Kot
Michaela Davies
Brendan Penzer
Jess Cook
Estelle Asmodelle
Julie Odgers
(to be confirmed)

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