Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Meeting for RAGTIME show

Hi RAGsters...we had a very productive first meeting of RAG and made some plans and decisions about our first show

..."RAGTIME...turn of the centuries...1920-2020"
in October 2011.

Dates for the show are:
3rd - 16th October 2011
Opening 5th October
Drinks with artists 14th October

Thanks to Gilbert and Cigdem for their help and support.
After scoping the space we think that 15 artists is enough for this show.
That will mean 6mtrs each of space ( about 3 or 4 works each or one large) and $330 each for the space. The opening cost is $650 but we can get that down with donations/sponsors etc

If you are still keen and miss out, put your name on our list for replacements in case of drop-outs, and you may still be able to be involved in other ways. We plan to have many more exhibitions as a group so if you missed out this time (was first in first serve) you'll be prioritised next time.

We will be needing to delegate various roles such as marketing, co- curating, fund-raising, design team for invites etc
Our next meeting is planned for
Sunday 5th June
at The Woolpack Hotel
in Redfern

I will email everyone over next few days to make sure you can access the info/groups/blog blahdeblah
You can contact me anytime :
You should have my details by now!

The artists exhibiting in RAGTIME show are:

Gilbert Grace
Lydndal Campbell
Julie Doye
Cigdem Aydemir
Justine Muller
Peta Morris
Michelle McCosker
Jo Tracy
Jo Kot
Michaela Davies
Brendan Penzer
Jess Cook
Estelle Asmodelle
Julie Odgers
(to be confirmed)

If you are on this list the deadline for your proposals is beginning of July.
If you wanna drop out let us know ASAP so we can invite someone else.

Woohoo! here we go...looking forward to gettin' busy widdit and to our next meeting.
Will be posting some pics of the gallery and more info but probably not pooped!

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