Tuesday, June 10, 2014

That time of year again when RAG artists are planning and working on our yearly group exhibition.
We have 10 RAGsters this year exhibiting...all highly motivated and passionate artists exploring their own interpretations of the theme of "Home"

opens on October 15th 2014
at 107 Projects.org in Redfern

More details soon.
Home is where the art is!


Descend from the mountain tops
And you can feel my heart
As if we were never apar
I'm home
Oh, I'm home
I'm home
Oh, I'm home


I call, I call the spirit
He can't hear it
My voice
My choice

I'm home
Oh, Im' home
I'm home
Oh, I'm home

I'm breaking down words
To see the birds, oh high
And now I see
Oh yes
I now can see
Oh yes
Now I can see
The reason why
Home means so much to me

 A reminder about last year's show
LOCAL PRODUCT which was a big success 

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